Outdoor stickup camera recharging

My outdoor camera battery got very low. I started recharging it almost 24 hours ago and it shows that it is only 52% charged. Is this normal or is it defective?

Hi @ajd58. When you are charging the battery, the amber and green lights should show up to show it is charging. Once fully charged, only the green light will be present. Have you ensured you have charged the battery until the green light is only on? Once you have done that (as it normally only takes 8 hours and it seems like you’ve waited longer), the app may take 24 hours, or after a few events, to update what the battery percentage is! If you still do not see the percentage is updated after 24 hours, please give our support team a call here.

It finally fully charged and only the green light was on. It took well over 24 hours to charge. Do I need a new battery?

@ajd58 A new battery may be a good idea! Especially if you had to charge it for more than 24 hours this time, and if it’s not showing as holding the charge after a few events on the camera, I would look into getting a new one to ensure it’s the battery and not the device!

Since I pay for monitoring, isn’t that under warranty?

@ajd58 After checking over our Warranty page, it looks like the battery is not covered. Under “what the warranty does not cover,” it states, “…and consumable parts (including batteries) are not covered by this warranty.” You can verify this, just to be sure for your specific account, by giving our support team a call at any of the numbers here, but just giving you the heads up in advance!