Outdoor Stickup camera offline

My front porch camera is up near the roofline. It’s been offline for a couple of days. Its a bright day so I can’t see if the blue light is flashing. So I will wait when its darker. Secondly, the instructions says to “Press the button on the bottom of your stick up camera”
Funny, I can’t do this!!! It would take a ladder !!! And I ( 63 yr old woman with multiple replacement surgeries including a broken kneecap) can’t be on a ladder!!!
Surely there is an easier way?
I’ve added a Setek Superbooster wifi extender and that didn’t do the trick. That was one of the "suggestion"s: Move camera closer to your router…HAHA!
I suppose you will tell me to buy Ring’s Chime pro… But it doesn’t solve the problem of seeing and pushing a button…
Or i will have to hire some able body person to do this for me.
We did have it inside at the kitchen window, but every time I walked in the kitchen it would report me.
We also had the camera low enough outside so I could see the light and possibly push the button. But not a good situation to keep someone from stealing it. The position we have it currently, I can see who is on the front porch, the garage, the 1/4 mile driveway… No obstructions.
So please please tell me there are other ways to get the camera reconnected. Thank you in advance

Aloha “otterear” – I occasionally have one of my stick up cams do the same thing. While pushing the orange button on the bottom of your camera would initiate a reset, there might be another reset method that worked for me a couple of times. This involved a simple reboot of my router – power off for about 30 seconds before restoring power; give your router a good 3-minutes to fully boot up and for your camera devices to reconnect to it. If your camera happens to be connected to your extender, it might involve rebooting your extender instead (see #1 below).

If this doesn’t work, here are some other things to consider:

  1. If your Wi-Fi extender does not have the same device “name” as your primary router, your camera might not be recognizing it; you may need to first teach your camera to connect to your extender (Device Health > Change WiFi network).

  2. You could contact Ring Tech Support @ 1-800-656-1918.

I hope this helps.

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