Outdoor Stick-up Cams and batteries

Hey guys!

I have a Stick-Up Cam outside and its plugged in the outlet. I wanted to buy a battery for backup power but then realised that if I lose any electricity, the battery would be useless because my router would also be off! So, the camera can’t continue recording as it needs a Wifi connection. Am I missing something or does that sound about right?


Good question, @BigDave38! A Stick Up Camera that is connected to wifi will indeed require that resource for operation. While the backup battery would certainly provide power to the Camera when needed, the connection would be lost unless your router also had a backup battery. At Ring we are always looking for ways to improve and add to your “Ring of security”, thus our announcement of Amazon Sidewalk might interest you. With this new feature, certain Ring devices can act as a bridge to maintain a connection. Check out our help center article about Sidewalk for more information. :slight_smile: