Outdoor Stick Up Camera Pan and Tilt

Looking to but an outdoor security camera. I like the basic outdoor plug-in stick up security cam, but then I see another Ring product with some sort of pan and tilt accessory. Surely the basic stick up cam has pan and tilt capability? It looks like it from the photos. Does it?

Hi @JJJohnno, The Pan-Tilt Mount is compatible with the Stick Up Cam Plug-In, the Stick Up Cam Battery, or the Stick Up Cam Solar. The Stick Up Cam Solar is the same as the battery version, but with the Solar Panel. Either of those Camera models are able to be installed with the Pan-Tilt Mount. I hope that helps!

Thanks for your response. I think I’ve worked it out now - the pan/tilt accessory is actually a powered device so you can pan/tilt remotely. Whereas the standard mount does (manually) pan and tilt to set it to a fixed position. I think that’s right?

@JJJohnno You can adjust the position and angle when installing your Stick Up Cam, but it’s not the same range of motion as the Pan-Tilt Mount . The mounting base/stand has an adjustable angle, and the Stick Up Cam can sit freestanding or mount to a wall. Once installed, the Stick Up Cam has a 130°diagonal, 110° horizontal, 57° vertical field of view.