Outdoor Stick Up Camera not recording motion

I currently have a Outdoor Stick Up camera in my driveway and until recently worked great.

It is armed all the time, and was sensing motion with no issues.

LiveView is working too.

However, in the last couple of days, I have noticed that we have not had any motion detection from the driveway, which I know there is because we’ve used the car, and took the trash out.

I checked it last night, and I saw the blue light come on briefly (4-5 seconds) then go off. I assumed that meant that it was recording ok.

I tried again about 10 minutes ago, and yet again the blue light came on briefly and then went off again.

Absolutely no motion has been detected and there has been no video recorded.

I have attached a screenshot of the status of the device, to show that the WiFi is great, and the battery is good too.


I contacted support over this. All fixed now.

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What is the solution?

Hi @JWT! When motion events are not being recorded, the best thing to check first is your motion settings in the Ring app. Features such as People Only Mode or Motion Verification can affect how your device records motion. Please also check any privacy zones you might have enabled.

As long as motion is optimized and your device is subscribed to a Protect Plan, a recording should existing your event history for a motion that is captured. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile: