outdoor spotlight cameras issues

My spotlight cameras outside lose the WIFI connection, I purchased the Eero Pro with one beacon and they still lose the WiFi but not as often. Also, the picture during the daytime on the cams is as clear as can be, however, at night time, the picture has light colored circles all around it, not sure why this happens? The round blurry circles only happen at nighttime and they appear whether the light is on or off. Please help with a solution.

Hey @JAM1 ! Good call on upgrading the router. With there being a beacon, it sounds like this equipment is close to the Cams. While a newer router will provide efficient coverage, signal will always be more reliable by minimizing distance and interference.

As for the picture concerns, can you please respond with an attached image or shared video URL of an example? I’ll be happy to help!

Hi Marley,

I ordered the Eero mesh with 2 beacons and outside cams are now working without losing WiFi and they haven’t lost connection since I hooked up 2nd beacon in the garage. My Ring cam is right outside the garage and I also have the Ring Doorbell. The cams were constantly losing WiFi before the Eero. So hopefully they will continue to work. I had some vandalism done to my fence Halloween night and the doorbell didn’t catch any motion whatsoever as it lost connection to the WiFi so I didn’t get any video of who did it, I was furious! After this night, I ordered the Eero with the beacons.

I fixed the camera spotty problem, the lens just needed a good cleaning. They should try to develop a doorbell with a light, similar to how the cams have lights when the motion comes on. Hopefully they can do this with the doorbell. Thanks for getting back to me.

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