Outdoor Siren Power Modes

Hello All
Despite reading a lot of posts I am afraid I am still a bit confused about the way outdoor siren is powered. I understand powering the siren and powering dusk to dawn feature are two separate issues but what I want to understand clearly is if I were to use the Ring Plug In Adapter then will it power both the siren AND the dusk to dawn feature and there is no need for any other power?

What I want is avoid the need for climbing up the ladder periodically to change anything. So, can someone please clear this up for me?

So, to summarise, if I use the plug in adapter will that be all or do I need the additional battery pack as well to power both the siren and the dusk to dawn feature?

Many thanks…

Hi @Phoenix21. To utilize the Dusk to Dawn feature for the Outdoor Siren, it requires two power sources to work. This means you need to add a Quick Release Battery Pack or a hardwired option in addition to the included D Batteries. The Plug-In Adapter counts as a hardwired power source for the Outdoor Siren, so you can use that alongside the included D Batteries. I hope this helps answer your questions! :slight_smile:

Many thanks. Am I then right in assuming that the actual siren (the noisy bit) will always be powered by the D Batteries regardless of any other power supply connected to it and will eventually need replacing whenever they run out?

@Phoenix21 While the Outdoor Siren is connected to the Plug-In Adapter, the D batteries will not be drained. They’re there to act as a backup in case of any disruption to the Plug-In Adapter, but they will not be used and drained with a hardwired power option in place at the same time.

Good morning. I would like to reach your expertise if it comes to the Siren power modes. Is the rechargeable battery getting charged while siren runs hardwired? If so, would D batteries need to be still used? I would find it counterproductive.

Hi @GregNorthEast. Yes, the Rechargeable Quick Release Battery Pack is being trickle charged while the Outdoor Siren is hardwired. The D batteries are good to have in the Outdoor Siren as a backup power source incase there is an extended power outage. You can learn more here. I hope this information it helpful.