Outdoor siren power and battery combo

Hi, I have just received the siren and in advance bought the optional doorbell battery pack and 6M power adapter. Does the power adapter keep the battery pack charged? Do I remove the D type batteries that came with it or leave them as an additional source. Do I need to take the optional battery pack off to charge it in six months to maintain a backup supply?
The supplied instructions and online info isn’t clear about the configuration when using the rechargeable batteries and a power adapter combo.
Thanks I advance to anyone that knows.
(Can’t install it yet as waiting for the alarm gen 2 system to release at the end of April, I’ve pre ordered a full system worth for the house.)


Hi @Steff71. This Help Center article here has some great information on configuring the power options available for the Outdoor Siren. With the D batteries installed, you can expect around ~3 years of battery life. This, of course, is dependent on the amount of use and the temperature where the Outdoor Siren is installed. I hope this information helps!

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Hi steff, none of the instructions that come with the siren covers the power supply charging the battery except for the solar panel option. I had a chat with a Ring online advisor this afternoon, they assured me that if the unit is hardwired it will charge the battery (if you have fitted the optional battery pack) and will power the dusk to dawn feature. TBH if you’re not bothered about the dusk to dawn feature, the D cells should suffice for a considerable time. Hope this helps?

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I have the same question - if the siren is hardwired will that charge the quick release battery pack (that you additionally buy) meaning that the battery can stay in long term, also meaning that the D batteries can be removed? I think that is what happens with the door bells - that the hardwired connection trickle charges the quick release battery. It’s very damp where I live and I expect the D batteries would leak after a period of time

Steff: forgot to mention, you can use the dusk to dawn led if you fit the quick release battery and fully charge it first.

I set up the outdoor ring siren today and can comfirm that the dusk until dawn LED works with the rechargeable quick release battery and hardwiring (without the D batteries in it):+1:

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Thank you, @Mikebull! For any other neighbors with this same question, you must add the Quick Release Battery Pack to use the Solar Panel, or optionally can be added when hardwired to cover all eventualities. Both options will keep the Battery Pack charged. When you add an additional power source, Outdoor Siren will use this for power, and keep the D Batteries as a backup power source. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: