Outdoor siren hardwiring

Hi, i have recently installed a complete ring alarm system, and installed 2 outdoor siren that runs on batteries, but now i ordered 2 plug in adapter 2nd gen exactly what ring offers for the product, the problem is that i connected the adaptor but in the app it does not recognize the hardwired option, it shows only the batteries as activated. So why it doesn’t run on the hardwire?

Can you post a screenshot of the app showing the Power Options tab.

Did you get the polarity correct? The wires are both white, but one has a rib/seam down it, that’s the Negative (black) cable.

Hi @user75673. The Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren supports a few different power sources. Can you share which country you’re located in? I want to ensure any self-service help materials I share are relevant for where you’re located. :slight_smile: