Outdoor door sensor?

Does anyone make an outdoor door sensor for gates and such that you want monitored?

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I’m also interested in this since I do have a side gate and it’s outdoors exposed to the elements.

Good question neighbors! At this time our Alarm sensors are rated for indoor use only. We pride ourselves in providing features and devices that help our neighbors obtain a true “Ring of security”. I recommend looking into one our Video Doorbells, Security Cameras, or even Smart Lighting devices for all around coverage. Feel free to check back here to see if a neighbor in the Community shared a creative solution for this.

As we are always looking to improve our neighbor experience, consider this feedback shared with our teams for future consideration! :slight_smile:

I too have been looking for an outisde sensor for my driveway gate. Does not have to trigger the alarm but at least monitor through the ring app. Ring’s door sensors are not weather proof but if you search on ebay 3D printed housing can be found. “Weatherproof Case for Ring Alarm”

Just be aware with metal gates, interference can be a problem. You might have to place a thin piece of wood to mount the sensors onto.

They do have a motion detector for the smart lights. It does require a hub though.


Yeah, the motion sensor is a work around, but requires adding another box to the puzzle…I would like a standard, weather proof, z-wave sensor like the indoor ones, that can be applied to gates and such out doors…Thanks for the responses so far…

Ring moderators, is there an official feature request system in place, where people can submit an idea and the community can vote on it…? Something separte than this community…

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Glad you asked @Kwisatz! Each board does have a feature request thread, however, we recently turned off commenting on these threads while we organize and work on an improved way for your requests to be heard. Check out our update and the feature request thread here.

That being said, we always value our neighbors feedback and will continue to share it with our teams. :slight_smile:

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