Outdoor Cameras - Weather Proof IP65 - IP66

Hello, I am in the market for a Ring Outdoor Camera to protect the outside of my home. The rear of my house is quite exposed to the elements so I am wondering whether any of the Cameras meet either IP65 or preferably IP66 specification. I have asked Ring support but their non committal answer just says “weather resistant”. Any help or advice greatly appreciated

They are sealed pretty well from the elements, but I don’t know if they’d get an IP rating. If they don’t have one likely Ring didn’t want to spend the money to get them certified.
I live in a wet climate (rain and fog) and I’ve placed mine under the eaves without issue.
I’m not sure I’d trust an IP rating for the long haul as seals do degrade over time especially in hot weather, which I have as well.
If you were to place yours outside with at least a small cover to keep the majority of the rain off then you should be good. This would apply to just about any outside device, not just Ring.

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