outbound data uploads

I get alerts about my Ring devices uploading data to different ip addresses. Example address is I’d like to know if these are normal Ring uploads for the app.

Hey @ngawthrop. We do not have specific IP addresses to verify if they are legit are not, as they can change based on your location, devices you have, and the network you’re connected to. Could you please provide more information on where you are accessing this information and how it is being reported? I can get this looked at by the appropriate teams, but they may have a similar answer as I have given above.

So they are alerts from my firewall that is monitoring inbound and outbound connections. I know that the Ring devices upload data but want to make sure that these are legit destinations. Here are several examplese of the addresses…they change a lot but seem to be headed to the same general address space:

as examples. there are more. I can block but I think they may be Ring cloud servers. Just was hoping for some verification before I break something!!


@ngawthrop After checking those specific upload points, it looks like they call come back to the AmazonAWS server side, which is where we have the uploads for cloud data go when you are having your videos being recorded and stored in your event history for your Protect Plan. I recommend to not block these as they do seem legitimate. :slight_smile:

Ok. Thanks for the info.

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