Other sounds for outdoor camera motion warning (Deter Sounds)

I think Ring cameras should have outdoor deter sounds. The current motion warning sound is “You are being recorded.” This is very much hated by everyone. It would be so much better if it can make other deter sounds to let people visiting know that there is a camera. This should take less power too. Why don’t we just add a beep sound? Please add this! The ring community will really appreciate this. Thank you!

I would be happy if I could reduce the volume as it is sooo loud, but the volume slider has no effect.

Russell_C – I have the same problem and my neighbors in my apartment complex are getting annoyed at the volume level. The volume of the greeting message is extremely loud but I don’t know to turn that down. I guess you don’t either? Thanks

Hi neighbors. At this time, you cannot change the Motion Warning volume or the phrase that it plays. Any suggestions or ideas for new products or features should be added to our Feature Request board. You can search to see if someone has already suggested your idea by clicking the magnifying glass in the top right corner and typing in a search phrase. Thanks for your feedback!