Original Video Doorbell Setup Problem

I have the original doorbell (3 or 4 years). I have just now unpacked it. I fully charged it and when I try to add it through the app I join the ring network, then select my Wi-Fi (all of my other devices work just fine).
Scan the MAC id (ok), then prompted to joint Ring ####, ok then Connect your device To Wi-Fi (it finds mine and I enter my password.
The entire time the doorbell has a flashing white light but after I tried to add my Wi-Fi the flashing stops completely and I get a screen with 4 choices Left Light, Up Light, Right Light or Nothing Happens.
I choose Nothing happens and then it’s rinse and repeat and I cannot get it working.
Setup Failed.
I have reset the device numerous times and started over.
Same results every time.

Hey @DrewMorris. Are you able to try to set up the Doorbell from another device, such as another phone or tablet with the Ring app on it? In addition, for the reset, do you press and hold the setup button for 20 seconds? I wanted to ensure that the reset was being done properly. The last thing you could check is your network, as it sounds like the device is having a hiccup in connecting to your wifi since you have no concern connecting to the Ring AP. Please ensure all your ports and protocols are adjusted to allow the Ring device to connect. Let me know how this goes!

Thanks for the reply.
Yes, this was setup from my iPhone. We had the same problem with the iPad. Supper determined it was a bad video doorbell(?). It may be 3/4 years old but it was just opened for the first time a couple of days ago.
They are sending a replacement and should receive it tomorrow

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