Original ring floodlight vs all new ring floodlight - any experiences?

Hi All

I few months back I purchased the original Ring floodlight, i’ve not installed them yet and have noticed that a new product called “all new ring floodlight cam” (not the pro) has been released, as far as I can see the specs (Wi-Fi and resolution etc) are all the same.

Are there any differences in the new product that make it work better? just want to understand this before I go ahead and install the older generation product…

Thanks :slight_smile:

No, the Newer one does not work any better than the one I’ve had almost two years. Ring does not have good Customer Support at all.

The newest version (Floodlight Cam Wired Plus) allows for the brightness of the floodlights to be adjusted, whereas the previous versions did not. There are also some minor changes to some of the parts included, such as the mounting plate is now plastic instead of metal.