Original Ring doorbell chimes inside but not 2020 edition

I recently bought the Ring 2020 edition to get 1080p video and love the clarity but I cannot get it to chime inside the house no matter which wire I have on which screw or how loose or tight the screws are. My original Ring doorbell works perfectly and chimes inside the house like normal. The Ring 2020 is showing the house wires are connected properly and properly charging the doorbell but just no chime inside. I re-installed my original Ring again just so we can hear our house doorbell chime while inside. Any ideas on what could be wrong?

Hi @Mattm1120. I would make sure that you have a chime kit selected in the Ring app. You can do this by selecting- Menu > Devices > (Ring Doorbell) > Device Settings > General Settings. Then choose either mechanical, digital or none. Once you do that, you should be able to hear your chime kit! Let me know if this works!

Yes! Under Device Settings I had to go to “In-Home Chime Settings” then it worked that way after selecting through a few steps. Thanks!

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Hey @Mattm1120. Great to hear that this was a solution for you!