Original Ring Doorbell battery Replacement

I’ve had this device since it originally came out, Whenever that was, lol. The battery is finally finished, is it possible to replace it? If so, does anyone have a part number or link to the replacement ?


Hi @motoolfan. The Ring Video Doorbell’s battery is not removable. I recommend that you contact our support team at 1-800-656-1918 to discuss what options you have.

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I have seen several You Tube videos on replacement of Generation One Ring batteries. So I’m pretty sure they can be replaced. NOW tell us where to get one please.

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Or if you would give us the specs for the battery…there are some refurbished ones on EBay but I would like to get a new one. There are many batteries that look similar on the net

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Hey @Heavysnacks. We do not recommend taking the battery out of the Ring Video Doorbell or the the Ring Video Doorbell 2nd Generation, as it is not a removable battery for recharging or replacing. Whenever the battery is no longer functioning as it should, we recommend contacting support to see if you can get the device troubleshooted to function again (possible not battery related concern), or get the device replaced within warranty. Removing the battery on these devices can void the warranty, which you can learn more about here.

If you’re find your battery is not staying charged, please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here

I just removed the battery and it is replaceable.

I need a battery replacement. double lithium battery 3.75V model 815169


I just got the same issue. I bought mg Ring Doorbell (gen 1) October 2015. It has been hardwired since 2016 and has worked fine untill now. The battery health is now down at 4%. I am not able to recharge it, and need to replace it.

I just called support. They say it isn’t possible to change it - which seems odd. The best they could do for me, was to give me a 30% discount on my next order.

It is better then nothing, but I must admit I am quite disappointed that the battery life on a Ring Doorbell is about 5 years. Then you have to throw it away and by a new one???

Not very environmentally friendly to have to replace the whole device, and a rechargeable battery that only lasts 5 years these days is a low quality from my point of view.

I have to find out what to do. I have been really happy with my Ring Doorbell up til now, but I am not sure if this is the way to go forward - there are quite a lot of new options out there.

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I don’t think @Ring understands the question. We CAN buy replacement batteries from hundreds of online websites or in stores.

I think Ring is thinking that we are going to take the “battery” apart to get the “AA” part of the battery pack.

Saying that we can’t recharge the battery is just silly.

The first step on setting up any Ring device is to CHARGE the battery.

My question is if you buy a second backup battery, does it act as a new device?

All of the software and configuration is held within the battery, right?

I went through the same thing with ring. The unit still works but I have no way to charge the battery. After the new battery ran down I tried to charge it using the USB port. Not charging the battery, I’m needing to know what I can buy to hook the battery to so I can charge it

Hey neighbors! The original Video Doorbell Classic has a built in battery that is housed internally. This is not intended to be removed, and we advise not to take apart your Video Doorbell for safety reasons, and as it will void warranty. Charging your Video Doorbell classic via the micro usb cable should replenish the battery. If it does not, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

That doesn’t mean much when the device is already out of warranty and will be going in the bin unless it gets fixed… it’s very easy to do, just doesn’t help new device sales, eh?:wink:

Has anyone be able to find a good replacement battery anywhere yet?


Purely planned obsolesce. I contacted Ring yesterday about this SAME problem. My battery has been causing me concerns (not issues yet sitting at 28%) do to the low battery state and messages. I have also watched the YouTube videos of how to get to the “non-replaceable” battery, and it is much easier than the non-replaceable ones in cells and laptops, both of which I and most of those asking have replaced. We need a SOURCE for the battery, not the rhetoric about calling us, using the usb port, etc. You KNOW the batteries are going bad, that’s what batteries DO. For all of us, we are PAST the bogus 1yr warrantee, so getting into the devices is on us, we accept that risk. I consider the notifications that the battery level is LOW, verging on HARRASSMENT by you to get us to buy a new device, like a strong arm tactic to get us to upgrade to a new shinny device, where you continue making money. I’m a subscriber to your plan, so you already continuously make money from me. Sure, getting a discount would be nice, but that wasn’t offered to me in the online chat, look up my chat session! I (WE) want a source for a replacement battery, not a new $300 device that probably costs you $20 in parts. I’d be willing to join a class action lawsuit if there was one about these batteries, and the harassments, and strong arm tactic to get us to buy new devices. Yea, I’m not a happy customer. When the battery finally dies, I’ll remove the device and cancel my service and switch providers, all because your web site doesn’t offer a replacement battery!