Original door chime for my Ring 4 doorbell

Will I need to change my original chime or is the one shown likely to be fine?

I can’t find the maker of my doorbell, inside it says 8v 1.0 A. Is this ok for my ring 4?
Cheers in anticipation.

Hi @Mo.Orr. If this is a Mechanical Chime, it should work without issue. Here is a list of compatible chime kits. I would make sure that your transformer is adequate for the Doorbell 4. This Help Center article here will have instructions on how to hardwire this. I hope this helps!

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Thanks for that Tom, I don’t know how to check the transformer: my mains go straight into the top of the doorbell box that’s shown in the picture.
I presume if the transformer isn’t up to it, it will just give up without harming the Ring4.
Fingers crossed

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