Ordered Spotlight Cam Pro Wired


I ordered the Spotlight Cam Pro Wired from Amazon which has been dispatched in two separate orders.

The camera came first, the hardwired kit comes next week.

Yet for some reason although I ordered the wired version, they sent me the battery version of the camera. Is this right?

I know there are 4 versions, so I expected to receive a wired camera, not a battery camera?

I got my answer on Reddit.

Others also received their “Wired” Spotlight Cam Pro cameras this way too.

I think the wording on the listings needs to be clearer that there is no “Wired” version. It’s a standard battery version, plus a separate Hardwired Kit.

Even the information on the Ring website suggests you get the hardwired kit in the same box, with no mention of receiving a battery.

I recently got the same as you from Argos and I received the power cable in the box no batteries you have to buy the battery separately if you wish

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