Orbs floating by doorbell cam

I did record it. But I began talking through the speaker so I didn’t upload it. I sound like a total ■■■■■ and if it’s just a reflection of what I don’t know, I’d feel like a total fool.

Wow that looks like a ufo

These are not bugs!

I had this happen but it was in the basement with an indoor ring camera. sliding glass door had not been open in days and had been cold outside. Might have been something flying inside.

Hey did you figure out what the floating lights were in the garage. I’ve had something very similar.

Ring support site has many people reporting the same. They say they are small flying Insects that the Infrared lights up and they just appear as glowing balls. That is probably all it was. Only time it has happened so far. Does look ghostly though.

I have two white orbs and now bright lights at 1 min 47 sec and 4 min 47 sec

I have fifty videos over months of white orbs

I am still trying to debunk what would cause this circular motion from the bottom of the wall up. Goes around, pauses for a quick millisecond and then shoots off. Nothing moves like that in my apt.

Here is one to add to the collection: Ring #AlwaysHome

I have these 6 orbs that made my came a go off… https://youtu.be/mpgoZ-q1O9c

Where you able to figure out what it was or did it happen again?

They say bugs an dust but your vid is non conforming.

I actually had the garage lights going on an off and couldn’t figure out why, I put a ring cam there and see orbs flying around and I guess that’s what’s setting off the detector. Since PIR sensors detect temp. changes I have a hard time believing it’s bugs or dust they the cams are picking up.

Idk. If it’s like ghosts or not. But it kind of makes me feel better seeing everyone is experiencing the same thing. I guess everyone has a few ghosts in their house.

I found that praying over the area helped reduce the orbs. I’ve also found praying draws out a persistent orb in my house. I always get cold chills when the orbs are around. You can see it live in the ring app just make sure night vision is on.

Sometimes the orbs interact. I had one video of any orb following me around as I was doing house tasks. What creeped me out was that it moved to the next location I needed to be at before I got there. Like it was waiting/watching

So I have a hard time with bugs dust reasoning. I do see cases where that can be it. But to blanket cases it the same is incorrect.

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I am glad I found this stream, I’m posting one of the orbs I have on the right side of the screen crawling up from the bottom. Since February, I have had dozens and dozens of these set off the motion sensor. I don’t know what they are, but I did research this bug and dust theory, and I will say it is NOT that. I’m not sure why the Ring team keeps pretending like we are ‘slow’ and did not research this before asking. I know what I saw.

Uploading: RingVideo_20210522_082857.mp4…

I find the orb topic interesting however what we’ve seen at time is nothing like what’s been shown or described. For instance when I see sometimes up to a 1/2 doz of paired dancing about & some small orbs riding like a jet was behind them from the ground to the visible sky it isn’t bugs.!
No matter how often I clean the lens (it shows visible flying bugs fine with me) but also “bugs” that respond to my voice, I do find odd .?
I’ve seen sometimes dual flying objects and then stepping out into those flying objects ,there’s no webs , no flying bugs , and no crawling bugs on the camera?
This all " bugs me"!

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I have three Ring cameras including one in my garage. I have had 10 motion alerts tonight over the course of two hours. This doesn’t look like a bug to me. Its a floating ball of light that looks like it’s casting a light on my garage door and also on the wall. Weird to say the least.

Oh I am glad to find you people! Did Ring accidentally create a paranormal device. My orbs are horizontal and vertical. I have seen them twice and checked for spider webs or something on camera but there is nothing.

Just cleaned my lens and sprayed the area with bug spray. Usually we see small spots skimming past…lots of them, with an occasional outlier that slowly swirls. No breeze, can’t be seen if you walk outside and look. No lights attracting anything. This “fairy” is something new. it came up over the balcony edge, swirled in front of the camera and went down into the planter. Not a bug.

I’ve cleaned my doorbell with a clean microfiber cloth several times and can’t get rid of whatever these are. They’ve been getting progressively worse for the past year.