Orbs floating by doorbell cam

Of all the things going on now in the world, bugs are an issue. There is no conspiracy. They are bugs, nothing more. Research it yourself. This is totally insane. I’m surprised they even bother to answer. If you don’t like it, then return it and then get something else. Then you can bother them as well.
The bugs are attracted to the Infrared light that you can’t see. Put tape over the light. No more bugs. I can’t believe this has been going on for so long. It’s like a crazy Facebook group. Ugh


Eagle328, I stand by my statement. If this bug problem is as trivial as you say, they can easily do a demonstration video and it will end this madness forever. If not, you can look forward to seeing new ‘orb’ complaints for years to come.

I don’t need to research further. Discussions all over the net either have no ending or they end with people agreeing they are bugs. In which case, see my first paragraph.

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Don’t worry, @SydLexic - I have a team working on documentation describing these orbs. I’d also like to agree with you that these have been reported for years (trust me-- I’ve been in this job for 3 years :slight_smile: ) but can I ask you, don’t you think if it was some sort of firmware/software/etc issue that after 3 years the team would have ‘fixed’ it by now?

Also, the bugs I’m referring to is something similar to this: Clover Mite.

Now, don’t you remember being a kid and watching these crawl by the pool or on a sidewalk… I do, and I definitely do not remember being able to count the legs on these bugs.

However, I’ve also set up a few of my devices and look forward to sharing information I find in my yard :slight_smile: Thanks!

Here are links to a couple of my Orbs or bugs what ever they are.




We cleaned our camera and sprayed around the camera with bug spray. No more orbs

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We cleaned our camera and sprayed bug spray around it. No more orbs

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I cleaned the camera and it did not help. But I have not tried bug spray yet. I will try that next.

If these are bugs, why do they appear semi transparent? I have this issue too and it appears as if you can see our shrubs through it.



Some of my doorbell recordings appear to be triggered by opaque bubbles that just float across the screen. Anyone else getting those?


Wow. Same here. On may 15th I started seeing the orb around the same times. 12am to 4am

This is defiantly caused by bugs or spiders webs moving around in front of the camera. I have it too and it is causing the notification to sound in the middle of the night. When I go down and clean the webs off it is them ok. However surely ring should be able to amend the software to stop this false recognition from happening.

These are not bugs.

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Absolutely not bugs the orb appears in mid winter in freezing temperatures, Ring claims reflections which is ludicrous since so many people have the same orbs!

Ha ha not bugs! 0 temperature for days. Come on Ring you can do better!

Someone with a Nest has same “ghost”. Love how Ring dismisses it as bugs, they never experienced midwest winters!

This is absolutely not a solution to this problem. We need a way to change the sensitivity or Ring needs to add better AI to solve this issue. Last night alone, we had about 10 false alerts due to bugs drifting in front of our Floodlight Cam. This is completely defeating the purpose of having this “security camera!”

Please let us know what is Ring’s action plan to resolve this issue!

Hi Susie, We also have Orbs. We bought our Video Doorbell and inside camera’s spicificly for this reason, We knew we had Ghosts within our apartment so we bought a " RemPod " from Ghost stop to confirm our theory. "YEP! " We have Ghosts . We talked to the south glens falls paranormal society about this issue and they mentioned buying flashlights like they use to have the ghosts turn on and off. Aparently Ghosts can manipulate these flashlights because you can set them to barely turn on or off by turning the on off switch to just barely ready to come on . Hardware stores sell these flashlights, They have an on off switch that you turn right next to the lighted area. We bought 3 of them. They are about $15.00 each . I am attaching a photo of the rempod so you can see what it looks like, The Rempod costs $189.00 but well worth it to confirm the theory you have ghosts within. Here is a link to the store https://www.ghoststop.com/REM-Pod-EMF-Detector-p/emf-rempod.htm Our Orbs are not floters but rather on a mission at high speed. I would attach a video but unfortunitly, we get up during the night and are in our skivies. (smile) I hope this helps you, It’s Not Dust , Trust me or Bugs , Butch

We have Ghost Orbs from our 2 Inside Camara’s Only at night . When ever someone gets up to go to the bathroom the camara’s turn on and there are some times 3 - 4 Orbs’ within the minute the video lasts, Actually I suspected there was something in the apartment with us as I use to get woken up every night about 4:00 in the morning, I would sometimes feel shaken as if something just startled me which is the reason for the camera’s . (smile) - I contacted the [South Glens Falls Paranormal Society](https://www.facebook.com/SGFParanormal/? tn =kC-R&eid=ARBbtnMOgaqVX-zvY74GUgxEs7q66qc_txlbHvzxYavli9JeiDSUtkc_0f9o8D_h2H-uxOZQX0PXwsAM&hc_ref=ARQUmdcK92h5buP7ozkxqgl3v3RG8ZbnBRjT_-haKjsXMBpPoQ-yZQpGPIK9yXLcOS8&fref=nf& xts %5B0%5D=68.ARDQFZtMvZ1F2jRRtlUqjw3XoJLjobC7u3P_RF1oyQJwcuSfSY1xfTmgaLfCdJlZFvzihyt7LDIwKOnKETqMQ24dzRq_J_SE1hylG7BFl3O4sDfP5HyLjPOMHIeKoAwFczpomy_01DeMbXONGI-wO9iozQ743DWDFNLoKXnzLORmj8e173ZEHK8YqEoLBqvbx4AKgzgaiHrfD1IuD6aoxGCiStlZ4HwvdgXyG5AX0QJa_8Z9o9KBR3KLwGGBlyEuJmKLghMVi1sn5APiSYWJR6FmAY_JcdVUIGftQUUh_o18rt4cdZZQSJDhziJCFO9brGixDbRro0GKp7O_9qinbeHuHQ) and they told us about using Flash lights with on off turn switches ad said the Ghosts can manupilate them for what ever reason but you have to set the flashlight so its at the very edge of turning on. If you do this, They will be able to turn it on and off . Try it, They sell these flashlights at Hardware stores, for about $15.00. Once you see the flashlights turning on and off, you will have confirmation of the Ghosts, first of all but then you can ask questions to it if you like by yes or no, Yes for on, No answer keep it off but flash it quickly. It works , We bought 3 of these flash lights and what ever Ghosts we are living with turns the different ones on and off do to the question , Its kind of cool but never guarenteed that they will even answer you. sometimes it works, other times not, Its up to them I’m guessing if they are even able to manipulate the flashlight, who knows, If there is one Ghost, There could be more. even., Gee, This sounds like I’m a wako, doesn’t it, Ghosts and all that but something or someone is turning these flashlights on and off and our Rempod goes through batteries like its never eaten’ LOL You be the judge, LO L

             To dive deeper into this ,We also bought what is called a    "REMPOD " - Ghost detector. You  can find this item from Ghoststop.com      It's $189.00,  if I remember right,  WELL WORTH  IT'S  MONEY,   =  OMG,  It goes off all the time.  You can set it to detect temperature change  or energy ,      I love this thing,  WE ARE DIFFENITLY NOT ALONE.   I'm Hooked.  lol   [https://www.ghoststop.com/REM-Pod-EMF-Detector-p/emf-rempod.htm](https://www.ghoststop.com/REM-Pod-EMF-Detector-p/emf-rempod.htm)