Orbs floating by doorbell cam

Hi crazy that is when ours started as well on February 29! There seems to be a common time frame here and we have a video of me trying to see it meanwhile it is above and around me and I see nothing…I am so glad we are not the only ones

Yes, Yes,Yes what r they???

Same. Started recently, even though I’ve had my camera nearly a year. Red orb. Very random patterns. Daytime too, not just night. Must be a glitch since it started happening to other people at roughly the same time, but definitely weird

Hi we also have been having very strange occurrence we cannot explain beside the orbs such as alarm going off with no clue from where and knocking on door and no one there . Thank you for sharing- George

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We sprayed the doorbell with raid and that night the doorbell went off 5 times and has not gone off since. Whatever it was appears to be gone.

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was this in westchester by any chance

I am so glad I found this! I had those weird orange orbs floating from under bushes in my back yard flood light ring and I was afraid I had ghosts or aliens. It is the first time 3/9 but it happened about 5 times.


The furthest back I can find the Orb is February 11, 2020. It’s just one each time. If it was a light shining from the street, then it would not be visible when it gets to the shrub or porch column. Never been a “believer” in Orbs but a bit creeped out by this activity and can’t seem to find a logical answer or cure.

Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your images and video examples of these concerns. After viewing and bringing them to the attention of our teams here, it looks like these are bugs. Not a technical bug, but an actual insect.

When insects appear on a lens they will often look circular, lacking color and details. They will usually move in a unique or unpredictable pattern, rather than in a straight line. This might happen more often with the weather warming up in some areas, or in entry ways with lights.

I disagree. When this started it was late January and February in the Midwest. The temps were around -5F, so I sincerely doubt any insects or bugs would be outside on my doorbell camera.


We had orbs a fee months ago and twice last night around 9:30

Good point @mreed. While cold temperatures are known to deter insects, or force them into hibernation, it does not kill all of them. It is very common for insects to be attracted to lights and other sources of heat.

Our Doorbells can certainly operate a slightly warmer temperature than the cold outdoors. This is especially true if the device is hardwired, or if it is a Doorbell Pro, as the steady flow of power can raise the device temp slightly.

If the orbs seem to be something other than an insect, such as a light glare, please check the environment for any reflective objects. Our support team is always available for further troubleshooting as well. :slight_smile:

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Insects seem like a logical explanation, but I’ve had my Ring doorbell installed for months so why are the insects just appearing now? And the fact that so many other homes are only just having insects appear at the same time? Seems rather peculiar.

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It’s bugs… Nothing more…

I just had one for the first time tonight. What the heck is it?

Yes I have several instances of this

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Yes, had one set off Ring at 5:28am this morning


My doorbell began going off around February 27 during the mid-afternoon. The first day, it happened about 3 times. Then, it continued 2 or three times a day, all times day and night until around March 2. From 1 single to multiples of 4 or 5 would appear. Orbs moving around and across my front porch and up the brick siding in no distinct pattern, looked transparent until moving across brick siding, where their appearance changed to a bright, solid look. They presently seemed to have stopped.

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Yes! Since 10 nights ago or so!