Orbs floating by doorbell cam

I have them all the time. They set off the motion detector. They are yellow orbs. They are not bugs. I open the door when they are there and they are not bugs. Watch how you can see the orb even when my arm covers it. It’s translucent.

I’m having the same issue- a white-grayish orb floating in different directions at night specifically. I noticed it starting around March 14, 2020. I checked for spiderwebs and dust and even if it was clean I cleaned again and I still saw that single orb showing at the front door and triggering the camera. I had this doorbell for over 3 years and didn’t have this kind of issue until recently. A couple of times in the past the doorbell rang but no one was there at the door and the camera showed nothing but a black screen. What is this? Is Ring not telling us something?

called customer support ,and they say i’m the only one to call on this issue ? It would be great if someone would reply to this issue

They must be under orders to say that whenever it is asked. They have been answering that way for years whenever somebody calls about the orbs. They also avoid answering questions about them in forums like this, or just say ‘bugs’.

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I have had my doorbell for years as well and the orbs started showing up over last few months. Definitely something changed in the software or algorythm. Wonder why Ring ignores the questions and won’t provide a fix. It’s not a one-time incident as noted by the responses in this string. Time to look for a different product to replace it if they won’t resolve the issue.

-Detroit Area, MI

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Hi neighbors! I know there has been quite a bit of back and forth between what these orbs are and I wanted to share a bit more information on what you are seeing.

The orbs you see are in fact bugs, such as a small clover mite or spider, crawling over the lens of your device or a few flying items (such as dust) bunched together at a close distance to the lens of your device.

Similar to putting your finger directly underneath the camera on your phone, you’ll see your finger appear fuzzy and out of focus - this is due to the focal point of your finger in comparison to the lens. You’ll also notice background items to be clear - similar to the videos you have been sharing.

The reason why you may receive a motion alert is because prior to walking over the lens, the item has passed in front of 1,2 or all 3 of the PIR (Passive Infrared Sensors). These sensors detect “heat” and as an object closer is MUCH larger than an object farther away that heat appears very large to the sensor.

Some of you have been saying that these can not be bugs due to cold weather – your device does throw off both heat and light (infrared, reflections of the lens, etc) and bugs will definitely be attracted to this - no matter the season!

I hope this helps explain the ‘fuzzy orb’ you sometimes see at night. We will now be accepting this post as an accepted solution. Thank you!

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I don’t think this is a bug. Take a look at this video in my garage.



I have been seeing “orbs” as well. I am sitting by myself late at night and the ring alert goes off. I look and I don’t see anyone or anything. Then I see it…floating slowly across the screen. So freaking and weird! Mine come over as greenish orbs. Maybe they’re mites or something? One I know was probably a tiny spider because I could see the web.

Did you ever try the stickup camera? Curious to see if you could see anything. :slight_smile:

No. I could not get in touch with Ring by email, chat, or phone, so I gave up.

we had the same thing twice

The orbs are not insects crawling over the lens–and do not match the way these floating orbs move, like a helium filled balloon rising to the sky. If a mite crawled over the lens, the background image would appear blurry and the mite movement would appear fixed. I think Ring is being set off for one of the three reasons.

  1. The Ring doorbell which is an outdoor mounted camera is not designed to filter out small bugs from a person standing outside without setting off the motion alert?

  2. Curious that all of the orbs showed up in February 2020- -hmm software update with a techincal bug and no solution has been found. Are the orbs/circle part of a testing protocol or a software/hardware glitch?

  3. Intra dimensional beings use the orbs for remote viewing purposes of the Earth and Ring is the first technology that is able to record them.

Number three sounds interesting.

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Orbs have been filmed for decades so I do not think ring would be their first technology to record them. It’s definitely not a glitch. And this has been going on long before February at my house. I’ve also filmed rods on my cam as well, if you’re familiar with them. But it may have just been a bug that time! ?

Super creepy. I got a notification on my backyard ring camara. I open the app to look and notice that the flood lights didn’t go on. I watched the recording and saw three small but quick orbs floating almost spinning in circles in my yard. Someone please tell me it’s not what I think it is.

How can this one be explained?


Neighbors - the information I posted came directly from out CTO. Also, if you do a quick search on similar forums discussing Ring, such as the SubReddit, you’ll see these orbs aka bugs / dust have been around much longer than February. What I think did contribute to the uptick in questions around this is when The Viewposted a similar video. You’re able to believe in what you want to belive, but I’d like to clarify there is nothing more to add that it is simply a bug / dust. Thanks

Hi Jennifer,

I get it but you are completly missing the point. If it is bugs or dirt mites or whatever, then Ring has to come up with a fix so we are not all woken up at all times of the night with false alarms. Your answer of these are bugs is not acceptable. No one will want to buy a secuirty device that gives out false information and alarms. I think Ring has a fantastic product, but it now has problems. Please work with us all to eliminate this problem so we can all be confidate that we have the most secuity device avaible. I am willing to do any testing to make your device better. But an answer that just says it’s but or mites is not acceptible to the commity.


Jennifer, these things have been reported thousands of times all over the net. You’re right, it didn’t just start this year; I have had them since installation 3 years ago. Somebody from Ring always brushes them off as bugs, even going as far as saying you can see legs, which you clearly cannot. You could easily stop the insanity if your engineers make a video explaining exactly how/why the orbs appear and demonstrating how to reproduce the problem using real bugs, lighting, whatever it takes. Your unwillingness to do this only adds creedence to the urban legend, as if you are trying to cover something up. PLEASE do the right thing and end this once and for all. If you don’t, you’re basically saying that either (1) we’re not worth the trouble, or (2) you really don’t know what it is and you can’t reproduce or demonstrate it in detail. RSVP

Of all the things going on now in the world, bugs are an issue. There is no conspiracy. They are bugs, nothing more. Research it yourself. This is totally insane. I’m surprised they even bother to answer. If you don’t like it, then return it and then get something else. Then you can bother them as well.
The bugs are attracted to the Infrared light that you can’t see. Put tape over the light. No more bugs. I can’t believe this has been going on for so long. It’s like a crazy Facebook group. Ugh


Eagle328, I stand by my statement. If this bug problem is as trivial as you say, they can easily do a demonstration video and it will end this madness forever. If not, you can look forward to seeing new ‘orb’ complaints for years to come.

I don’t need to research further. Discussions all over the net either have no ending or they end with people agreeing they are bugs. In which case, see my first paragraph.

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