Orange Button

Would you please, please remove the stupid orange button from the back of my doorbell!!! I’m a 70 year old invalid veteran and every time I need to reconnect the (expletive deleted) bell, because it’s stopped working, I have to find the tool, go outside, remove the bell from the door, push the (expletive deleted ) button then put it back! If I have to do it one more time I’ll throw it in the bin. Surely there is a software remedy, perhaps an authentication code that could be sent to bypass that awful orange button?

We appreciate your feedback @Michaeldowns! It sounds like you have the classic Video Doorbell, in which each of our Video Doorbell models feature a security screw and secure placement of the button. That being said, our Video Doorbell 2 features a setup button on the front.

Keep in mind, the setup button is only needed for a setup or a reset. Once your device is setup, if it loses connection to wifi there is an option in the Doorbell’s Device Health, in the Ring app, to reconnect to wifi.

If your device is falling offline or requiring a reset often, I recommend reaching out to our support team so they can take a closer look at this concern. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

The latest episode came about because the router went into retirement and the doorbell didn’t like it. Doesn’t matter now anyway, the bin men took it this morning, no more doorbell and no more orange button.

Instructions say to push orange button to begin and I have no orange button to push

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Helpful info thanks. On the 2nd gen just use your fingernail on the backplate then found the orange button. the included documentation didn’t say that.


Thank you. This works!

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Don’t know if you found an answer for this. I just got a new Ring doorbell. If you notice, there are small grooves on the side. The back lifts off, giving you access to the orange button.

Hi, if you are talking about the Ring doorbell 2 or Ring doorbell 2 (2020), the i have marked what they mean by the orange button on my Gen 2 (2020) and where it is on the original Ring doorbell 2. To remove the front cover, remove the philip screws on the back and slide it off to find the button. See the pictures attached.