Orange Banner on Ring App


After I added a second camera to my Ring setup, and chose the Basic Protection Plan which does not include monitoring, there is an orange banner which I must close after EVERY selection I make in the app.

I have purchased two devices and 2 video recording subscriptions from Ring. The marketing banner has only appeared after adding the second camera. This is a horrible customer experience for me. I did not pay for these products to later be inundated with in-app marketing. This seems BACKWARDS to me.

Very disappointing. I guess the marketing strategy is now that Ring knows I am committed to their hardware/software that this is the right to to pester me with these marketing techniques to persuade me even further to purchase other products.

I made the choice to pick the Basic protection plan - NOT THE MONITORING. Now leave me alone RING.

Hi @user25075. Can you share a screenshot of this marketing banner you’re seeing? It sounds like you’re seeing the banner that appears when you have a Ring Protect Trial, which will go away after the Trial period is over. Otherwise, any marketing around new products or features should not interfere with your ability to access your Ring devices in the Ring app.

As of April 2023 it is still there, orange and annoying. Please, please let me get rid of it! I save my videos locally. I still like the Ring system and don’t mind the occasional ad for extra services but don’t pester me! Thanks. Michael

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