Orange banner for 30 days every time i add a new device

Everytime i add a new ring device i get a 30 day orange banner. I already have the plan that covers all my cameras and at this point the orange banner every time i open or look at the app is getting tiresome. I see others complaining about this specific user unfriendly hinderence. Believe me, i like the ring products and if i want to upgrade, i will find you. Stop annoying customers who like the product!! I recommend it often. If you dont have a plan to save your video (the whole point of the devices)… by all means urge those users to get the plan but for pete sake, leave your loyal customers an option to opt out of the orange banner. This makes Ring look like the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing. My account info is available to the Ring app, connect the dots! Yeah? Thanks

every time you setup a new device, it is eligible for a 30 day free trial and there is no option to have it cancelled until it expires.

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