Option to DISMISS Notification

Not sure if the issue is the Ring software or my SM-G950u Android. When I receive a notification it displays over all apps on phone. I have two choices: View or Snooze. Is there a way to have the option DISMISS instead or in addition. Sometimes I don’t care about a. Motion notification and want to get it off my screen, especially while driving… It pops up over Google Maps then I can’t see where I am going and have to wait until the notification times out. Extremely distracting and annoying.

Great question @sherrwills2768358! To avoid receiving motion notifications during a specified time frame, you can either toggle off motion alerts manually in the app or even use the Motion Snooze feature which will allow you to snooze all alerts for a specified duration of time. Check out our help center article on Motion Snooze to learn more.

Additionally, depending on mobile device model, there can sometimes be notification settings which control the banner size or even duration of a banner notification. Your phone may be able to alter the way these display. Let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

What we really need is for your team to add the DISMISS option. We don’t need to View every single notifications. We want the notifications to come for unexpected visitors at all times, that’s one of the reasons why we bought this device. We don’t need to or want to setup a time period for no notifications. That defeats the purpose of buying this device. What if someone you didn’t expect come during this period??? Anyways, please just add the option to DISMISS. Thank you. For example, my spouse realizes she forgot to pick up her order and goes out. Do I really need to view that in order to get rid of the notification? That takes time for the app to load up, download the recording, wait for it to end, and not to mention cost data for those that don’t have unlimited plans.