Option for light to come on for Person Detected motion only?

The road I live on is the main road to the industrial park in my little town, so there’s lot of traffic at all times of the day / night. I have my zones set so the camera isn’t picking up the street traffic but at night, the camera and light will activate every time a “slow moving vehicle” drives by the house. It doesn’t pick up every car, it seems to just catch the ones driving slower than most. In reviewing these events, it appears that the camera is activating when the headlights hit the side of the house – despite that the side of house isn’t included in the motion zone. I’ve tried to adjust the zones to filter out these hits and I moved the camera angle, but then it becomes an issue of the camera not picking up legit motion of people entering my driveway or walking up to the door.

My issue really has to do with the light. Its bright and its flicking on and off all night for no good reason is making my neighbors unhappy.

Is there an option for the light to only come on when a person is detected?

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Hi @tyre_42. There is not currently an option for the lights to come on when there is only a person detected. However, this is a great suggestion as I can see how it would be beneficial. I suggest adding this to our Feature Request board. Feel free to link that post you make in the Feature Request board here so other neighbors that come to this thread can easily find your feature!

This is a great idea and given the software, it appears very easy to add, since Ring has already done the heavy lifting of “person detecting”. Just add a “light” icon next to alert, record in the motion settings. I am sick and tired of the light coming on all night for steam coming off my pool in the winter, spider webs, moths, gnats, etc - WHEN RING CAN ALREADY DISCERN WHEN IT IS SEEING A PERSON. This needs to be a priority.