Optimizing Ring Battery Stick-Up

I have a battery stick up camera mounted slightly above and left of the front door as you approach it. It has great coverage of people coming to the front door and packages left in the area. On the rare occasion when one of us exits the house via the front door, I also get an alarm which is of no use to us. Is there any way to eliminate the alarm in that instance? Is there another product which might have slightly finer control. I can always move the stick-up to the back door where the alarm zones would be of less concern, I think.

Thank you,

Ken Traynham

Hi @KenTr. With the Stick Up Cam, the Motion Zones are designed to trigger a recording every time motion is detected within the zone. There is not a way to set the Stick Up Cam to distinguish you exiting the home or another type of motion is detected. The Stick Up Cam just detects the motion within the Motion Zone and records accordingly. I hope this information helps.