Opt out of sharing with law enforcement


We are not onboard with Ring sharing video with law enforcement agencies. I don’t mind if individuals share…that’s their perogative. But I do not want video automatically shared by Ring.

How do we opt our device out of this?

Thank you.

From what I’ve read. Ring must ask you for permission first. They just can’t hand it over. Let’s see what Ring says.

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Hey neighbors! We appreciate you bringing up the concern, and would like to set the record straight. No user data, or even the existence of a camera at a specific location, is shared without prior consent of the device owner. Law enforcement can only see posts that users share publicly. If you have any other questions or concerns, please let us know!

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I am a new ring service user. I received a notice stating the Neighbors App “allows law enforcement to engage with our customers” This is followed by a litany of explanation that nothing is shared. So what EXACTLY is “law enforcement engagement”? Why is this even an option. We are private citizens, why is there “law enforcement engagement” at all? Please explain. BTW, It’s that simple is not an acceptable answer. Details please. I am not at all comfortable with this. Thank you,


Hi @Chirata. At Ring we take your security, privacy, and safety very serious. We keep this in mind with any feature or product we release. For this reason, and while there are no details shared, there is the option to Opt-out for anyone who does not wish to receive requests.

So what is this request? After joining Neighbors by Ring app, public safety agencies may submit a video request through Neighbors asking their community to assist an investigation by voluntarily sharing videos. Users can ignore the request and also change their privacy settings to avoid receiving future requests. Public safety cannot see which users, if any, receive a request unless the user chooses to share video in response.

Again, security and privacy is the basis of everything we do in our mission to make neighborhoods everywhere safer. Public safety agencies will NOT be able to:

  • Access your Ring device in any way.
  • View any of your video recordings unless you choose to share them.
  • See your name, contact information, location or whether you received a video request notification, unless you choose to share your video recordings.

**Your Ring app features a Control Panel section which will allow you to control many privacy settings, including opting out of this feature. Check out our help center article about Video Requests for tips and tricks on using this feature, and even additional information on how we protect our neighbors and their neighborhoods! I hope this helps! :slight_smile: **

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Hi Marley,

Thank you for the response. Unfortunately there is no explanation of EXACTLY what the agreement with law enforcement is. I wish to know EXACTLY what Ring’s agreement is with law enforcemnt.

It seems to me that it is NOT Ring’s responsibility to keep neighborhood’s safe. That is the up to the citizen’s. It is extremely unsettling that my private service requires me to opt out. I think full diclosure and transparency regarding your agreements with law enforcement should be public, available to your subscribers. The answers you are providing here do not disclose what those agreements are. Are you able to disclose this information? If not, please provide a detailed explanation of why you cannot? I think it is very important that all those using your service underatnd the relationship you have with government and law enforcement agencies that are tethered your subscribers.

Thank you so much for your prompt and kind attention to this matter,