Open sensor indicator light

My old, hardwired alarm has a light on the keypad that indicates if there is an open sensor. I frequently look at it to make sure everything is closed (doors, windows, gate, garage door, etc…). It is green if everything is closed, red if something is left open. I am trying to figure out how to do a quick “is anything open” check with Ring. How can I do that? Does the keypad or base station indicate if something is left open?

Hi @texag93. Yes, there is a quick way to tell if a sensor is open. Simply open the Ring app and look right under the Mode Status. If there is a sensor open, it will say what sensor is open. If there are none open, it will read “All Sensors Cleared”. I hope this helps.

Thx @Tom_Ring ! That helps. I was hoping for a visual indicator on the keypad or base station similar to my old hard-wired alarm. Something I could just glance at without pulling out my phone. Maybe that is not currently support by Ring.

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