Onscreen date and time stamp

I have captured some footage of my car being vandalised and am going to pass the footage on to the police.

Why is there no time/date information visible on the video ?

Surely that is a fundamental requirement for any evidence in court?


It’s there. I just checked. It very small on the bottom right on the video. I could zoom in on some video apps but I also paused it, took a screenshot and then zoomed in on the screenshot to see it. It displays date and time. HTH

Hi Eagle28,

I can see the date and time but only if I share the video by emailing it to myself. I then have to right click on the video, Hide Controls and then right click again to play the video. This is a really awkward procedure to try to explain to any recipients of my videos.

If the police need to see the date and time stamp, then I will have to explain to them how to see it.

Could be a lot simpler…are you listening Ring?

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Yes, it could be much simpler…
But at least it’s there. I never looked until you asked. Now I know as well.

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Thanks very much for your help.

Happy New Year from Glasgow, Scotland :laughing:

Happy New year from Long Island New York!
Across the pond as they say!

Incidentally, I was having great trouble locating my videos using my desktop computer with Windows 10.

I used my Android phone and found the video within seconds.

I am signed up to Ring Protect but for some reason I can’t get the Ring App to run on this computer.

Works OK on my other Windows 10 computer in our club office.

The time does not change as the video plays. Could it be the time shown is when the video started - as in when motion was detected or when Live View was turned on? It would be nice to have the time (minutes/seconds) change as the video plays.

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Share it as a feature request in the Feature Request board, @careh !