Only trigger alarm from motion detectors after 2 consecutive detections to prevent false alarm


I am regularly getting false alarms triggered by motion dectors. I tried updating the sensitivity to medium and then low, to no avail. After discussing with tech support, the conclusion is that the false detections are probably due to heat or sunlight. This is happening with several of my sensors, so it’s not just a matter of moving one single sensor.

One way to fix this is to move all the sensors to places where there is neither heat nor sunlight, which is rather restrictive.

Another way would be to alter the code so that motion dectors only trigger alarms when 2 or more motions have been detected successively (within a few seconds let’s say). All the false alarms I have ever received were triggered by one single isolated “fake” motion detected, followed by nothing. They would all be eliminated by that simple technique.
If an actual intruder were to come in my house, he would always trigger 2 or more motion detections (assuming he stays more than a few seconds which seems realistic) and would therefore be detected as intended.

This could be a setting in the app, so that the default behaviour would still be to trigger the alarm after 1 detection, but the user can decide to change it to 2 detections.

Thank you for considering implementing that idea, or another version of it allowing to eliminate false detections.

Kind regards

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