Only recording 1sec

My ring camera is only recording 1sec. Third time calling support, third trouble shooting script read to me, completed, and then to have cameras work for about 12-18hrs then go back to only recording for 1sec. Has anyone else had this issue. Customer support is unable to resolve, we have spend near 1000 upgrading internet hardward / ban switch to 1G, incurred travel expenses to the property to fix it (because Ring has no remote way of doing it), and we just can not seem to get a solution for the service we pay for. Other than dropping Ring and moving to another company are there any community solutions rather than being read the same script from the online service techs who have no real solutions to offer.

Hi @jlwest60. In this case, it would be helpful to have some additional information about your concern so that I can provide relevant troubleshooting information. What model of Ring Security Camera do you have? You can find the model name on the original packaging or on the Device Health screen in the Ring app. While you’re on the Device Health page, what is the RSSI showing as for your Camera? What is the Video Recording Length set for? If possible, can you also share a video example of these 1 second recordings that you’re seeing in the Ring app? Locate the recording in the Event History and choose to share it by email to generate a link that can be pasted in your reply.

Thanks. I spoke with an Advanced Tech. So I learned to ask for straight away them since this posting. The questions you ask are exactly the same as the last 3 phone calls I had with Ring techs – it’s straight out of the script provided to you – and I provided the same information 3 times in a row without a solution. That is until I learned that the Advanced Techs are who I need to ask for. The Advanced Tech stated I needed a new device as mine was under warranty, first generation, and known to have issues like the one I described. It’s a probably with the new updates and old equipment is what was explained to me. But ironically, since the new one shipped, the issue has now shifted to my SpotLight Cam. So it’s been down a week. Furthermore, I updated my network while sorting this out and last night 20 attempts were made to my network to “deny service” to all my Ring devices. So, all of that being said it, appears Ring has been compromised and denial-of-service attackers know it and are causing the issue. I think I’ll send the new one back that Ring sent because everything randomly started working, and my new network security has identified that Ring is compromised. My next post will be how do I report the denial-of-service attacks to Ring since I pay for their professional service and that their devices should be designed to prevent such an event.

I just recently had issues with my devices only recording 1sec. Specifically my Floodlight Camera and now my Spotlight Camera. After talking with Advanced Tech, they shipped me a new Floodlight Camera, but interestingly enough, it started working properly, and the issue shifted to my Spotlight Camera. While sorting out why the issue just randomly moved, I upgraded my internet security network and received 20 denial-of-service attacks to all my Ring Devices, Cameras, and Alarm Systems last night. I am reporting this to my internet service provider, but how do we report this to Ring since their devices were targeted?

@jlwest60 I asked those questions as that information is important to help troubleshoot video quality and recording concerns. Having an example of the recordings that you’re seeing ensures that I’m on the same page and seeing exactly what you are. Regardless, I’m glad to hear you were able to speak with our support team and that your Ring devices are working as intended. For any network security concerns, I’d urge you to work with your internet service provider to find a solution that works for your home network, as they may have different security protocols they can enable on your router.

I don’t seem to have any issues with recordings, but I just bought a new router and I got 100 blocked Denial of Service attacks on my Ring Doorbell Pro last night from 133 am to 305 am. I’ve changed network name and password. Not sure what else I should do.

Hi @Jojolynn. We have this Help Center article here that might be able to assist you in adjusting router settings to what Ring devices require. If you are not able to do so yourself, the next best step would be to contact your internet service provider to assist you with your concern.