Only one primary user? Need to have my husband as primary also

the app only allows one primary user, but my husband also needs to be able to set the alarm from the app. As a “shared user” he cannot do this. Is there a work-around to this?

Glad you asked @tjackson! You can accomplish this by logging into the app on both mobile devices using the same credentials, if this is something you are comfortable with of course. Doing so will not log either of you out nor conflict with operation of one versus the other. They will both work the same and allow you both access to the necessary settings.

Keep in mind that with two owner devices logged in, they will share the history, so if that is something you check frequently it may look somewhat confusing with two different contributors. Otherwise, it will work for you both as expected. Hope this helps!

On my account . . . the shared user can arm and disarm the Ring alarm system from the app. The icons are at the top of the dashboard page. If you are not seeing these with the shared user I would contact support. Or maybe try deleting and readding the shared user. In fact, when you are in the app adding users the app clearly tells you that a shared user can control the alarm . . . which they can!

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