Only have 1 emergency contact

What are people doing for emergency contacts when you live alone? To me, only 1 should be an option. I have no land line to add as a second. Adding another family member seems silly since they are not onsite to know anything about a particular situation so why should they receive a call? I can get around it by using the same phone number for both contacts.

Thank you!

Hi @jimbofoxman. Your emergency contacts can be edited at any time and we recommend putting more than yourself down, but you are welcome to put your name and phone number for all three contacts if you do not have anyone else you wish to be contacted. If you have any other number, even an office number, you can also put that down. In the event that you put your name and phone number down three times, you would be called each time, assuming you do not answer the first call.

It is worth noting that anyone you set as an emergency contact does need to know the verbal password you have set up. This can also be changed whenever you need to in the Ring App as well. I hope this information is helpful. :slight_smile: