Only getting motion alerts, no ring alerts

I have a ring doorbell 2 and lately I’m only getting motion alerts, even though the rind alerts are set on as always.
I’ve two different ring tones set up, so to know if someone is at my front door, or messing with my car.
The problem is that from a certain angle, I only get the motion alerts, but not the ring alerts right after.
I’ve noticed this about the same time the " edit motion zones" option came out. I’ve been losing mail all the time.
Anyone else with this problem?

I received this reply on this forum today…

“As each environment varies from another, fine tuning motion to your area will look much different per home. Zones, sensitivity, people only mode, or scheduling options that might work for others, may not fit your environment. The best method for obtaining optimal motion detection is through trial and error.”

In other words - deal with it yourself.

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It worked fine for months…

Hi there, @Zdubas! As your post mentions you missing ring, or button push, event alerts, exploring motion settings will likely not be helpful. In the event where a motion is detected, answered, or begins recording and then the button is pushed, this may not result in an additional alert as an event is already active. At Ring, we are always working to improve and add to features and devices. For this reason, we recommend checking out any new features in the Ring app or even periodically checking for any new options that might fine tune your experience. Another step worth trying here is removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device, then re-toggling your ring alerts off then on in the app. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

Similar issue here, my last “missed ring” alert was Dec 17 2020.

Since then I get motion alerts + video, all other notifications, and pressing the Ring doorbell rings the doorbell inside the house.

However, there are never any “missed ring” recordings or notifications of a ring.

Again, all other notifications and motion recordings work just fine , but the “Ring” part of the ring doorbell has ceased working.

EDIT: I also tried toggling the Ring Alerts in the app (multiple apps actually…) as suggested. Same behavior. No ring notifications, no missed ring recordings. Everything worked fine up until 12/17/2020 (Ring Video Doorbell 1st Generation)

At one point I had the ring apps on my tablet AND my phone. I have since deleted everything ring related from my tablet. Start simple - one device.

On my phone I have both the ring app and the rapid ring app.

I have disabled ring alerts and all motion related options from the ring app.

If I ask for live events (on either app) at the moment it works rather responsively.

If I were to ring my own doorbell now and not address the event I would get a missed ring event in my history.

Yes I would like all the functionality I was sold to work but we have to start somewhere and I’m not sure the hardware I was sold is capable.

Baby steps.