Only get people only notifications even with it off

A few months ago when people only mode came out (I have a hardwired doorbell 2) I turned it on to save myself from false alerts, but I found out I was actually missing real alerts as it would only tell me someone was there when they were there for a while. I would miss package deliveries and things like that, where people would just run to the door, drop off the package, and leave. Since I turned it back off, I would still only get the notifications “someone has been at your front door for a while”. After contacting ring multiple times, I went through the following steps to try and fix it. Delete the app, sign out and back in, and factory reset the doorbell. All to no luck. It showed “off” on my side, but Ring was able to see that it was “On” on their end. As I’m writing this, the solution ended up being to have them shut it off for me. Just wanted people to know how this issue was “fixed”. Ring needs to look into this issue.