Only Firmware Version 1.16.00267 works. HELP.

Since I have been to hell and back with this, I’ve decided to post here for help. My Ring doorbell pro will only work when on Firmware Version 1.16.00267. Whenever it automatically updates to new Firmware, you can dance in front of the doorbell camera and 9 out of 10 times it won’t see you. Ask a Ring rep to roll back to Version 1.16.00267, and presto: it works perfectly again.

  1. My iphone 6s iOS IS and HAS BEEN up to date. 2. For about 10 months, my motion zone was as it is today. It worked absolutely fine (Front porch only).
  2. All the other trouble shooting by Ring did nothing to help (notifications, rebooting phone or device, changing zone, adding zones etc etc).
    Can someone at Ring please figure this out? Currently I have arranged with a Ring manager that if this is not resolved in December, I’ll be requesting a full refund.
    I’ve been trying to resolve this for around 2 months - though the problem started in October. I have lost hours and hours and hours…