Online Stickup Cam: no live view, no motion detection, no recorded snapshots

I’ve been having non-stop problems with the stickup battery powered camera since receiving it a little over a month ago. The device shows it’s online with a good strength (RSSI-52), and the problems I’m having include:

  1. No live view from the dashboard (the view is stuck in time when it last detected motion)

  2. It doesn’t activate live view when I click on “live view” - I get a streaming error message

  3. It’s not detecting motion

  4. It’s not capturing snapshots every hour like I have it set up to do

I have a Ring doorbell elite, floodlight and security system - all of which are connected to the internet and no issues with any of these products. The battery stickup camera is the only device causing me frustration.

I have called Ring support multiple times and have already received one replacement, but nothing is working! The representatives always suggest the same things 1. restart the device, 2. remove and re-install, 3. check your internet connection, etc. These things do NOT work. I’ve seen similar posts about the stickup camera, has ANYTHING helped? I’m at my wits end with this thing as nothing seems to be working! Any other suggestions??

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Hey @JenniferMD29. I’m sorry to hear that you have been having troubles with your Stick Up Cam Battery. The steps you have previously tried with support is the extend of what I would offer here for you to do, so if you are not finding relief in those steps, it would be best to reach out to support again on this concern. I’m sorry you have to do this another time around, but they can take a more in-depth look at what may be happening here, and get you over to our advanced technical team to resolve this so it shouldn’t happen again in the future. Please let me know how this goes! :slight_smile:


I too have received a replacement which made no differece. I’m not getting any replies to emails from advanced technical team.

I was just about to call them and ask to speak with a supervisor and thought I’d check if there are any new posts :slight_smile:

I’d hope that with all the comments Ring Community support have seen about this, that they could at least escalate the issue.

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I have the same problem with my stick up cam battery. I’ve tried from my iPhone, iPad, with the latest 13.6 iOS version. I also rang the support phone number, spoke for almost an hour, and nothing was resolved. The operator told me the advanced technical operators are very busy, and she will call me the next day. This was 4 days ago, and I haven’t yet received that call. It is very frustrating to not be able to chat with someone via email, or to have a better support for my malfunctioning device. I also have another device from ring, video door bell 2, that works perfectly.

My stick-up battery camera is FINALLY working as expected after all the issues. I’m happy to report that the problems were resolved by disconnecting the battery stickup cam from my wireless router and connecting it to the chime pro. I have NO idea why this worked, none of my other Ring cameras are connected to the chime pro, but this is the only solution that’s worked.

The stickup camera is closer to my router than my other devices, but for some reason it just continously dropped from the connection. I wanted to wait a few weeks before reporting this issue as “fixed” since so many other people had similar issues. But I can confidently say my device is working as expected - finally!! I’m glad I didn’t have to return the device or get another camera for my indoor use.

I have similar issue.

recently bought 2 stick up cameras, setting up wasn’t the problem, live view was ok, but problem starts after the cameras are left for a while, then try to connect to live view. Connection fails.

if the battery was taken out and put back again, it starts working. It seems that the camera goes into a sleep mode and doesn’t wake up.

any help is much appreciated before i contact Ring support.