Ongoing iPhone app is so slow to load picture

Hi people. I’m still having issue with the iPhone app not loading the preview of the units i use - not even when someone is there. It takes so long with the app. Yes the software on everything is current and yes I have reinstalled everything. I did notice that the web-browser works faster, so why can’t it work this fast on the 4 different iPhones (XR, 11, 13) that we use in the house. IT is very much specific to the app irrespective of what I reinstall or update on all 4 phones (owned by 3 people - im not that rich lol). Thoughts please. And there are no resolutions on the other topics i could find. tx

PS it affects all 8 of my ring products too, leaving me with the impression it is an app based issue x

Hi @user29778. Is this happening when on WiFi or using cellular data? Also, make sure that you are not using a VPN and that your Ring app has all permissions enabled and turned on. If possible, please share a screen recording of what you are experiencing so I can share it with my team. Thanks, neighbor.

Hi Tom_ring. happens on cellular and 5g data. Irony is, that Safari on the same phone as the ring app, answers within 3 seconds - App hangs for 30 + seconds if it ever loads before it gives up. Shame there is no microphone option with safari on the phone! App is pretty awful 90% of the time

Hi @user29778. Thanks for this information. I’ll be sure to report this concern for you. Ensure that your Ring app is up to date and that the Ring app has permissions enabled and toggled on. Additionally, the lower the RSSI for your device, the better it will perform.

As an iPhone user Tom, i am obsessed with updating it - not sure if that is good or bad - lol.
It seems the App is the culprit here and is slow to load and respond, as I mentioned, the iPhone browser (Safari) loads the picture in 3-4 seconds - much quicker. Would be grateful for any support you can gain from Ring. Hope the new year is good to us all. :+1:t4: