One way audio

Using a Ring Doorbell 2. One way audio only on my HP PC. When Ring detects motion or the button is pushed I can’t hear anything, but the person at the door can hear me fine. Great video. No issues when using my Samsung cell phone or HP laptop. The speakers are working because I can listen to Amazon music. I’ve checked every setting I know of. Any help would be much appreciated.

Hi @phoneguy ! To confirm, you are pressing the green button to talk to the person at your door, correct? Have you tried rebooting your device?

Yes on pressing the green button. Power cycled PC. Still one audio - can’t hear at PC. All other devices work okay.

Hey neighbor! Have you tried reinstalling the Ring App? Also have you checked to ensure that you are up to date with your Window’s update?

Yes, reinstalled the App. It’s a new HP PC, but I haven’t checked for Window’s updates. I’ll do that. Thanks…

Sounds good please keep us all updated!

Updated Windows 10 on HP PC. Still have one way audio. The person at the Ring doorbell can hear me okay, but I can’t hear them at the PC. This only happens on this PC, other laptops work okay. Internet music plays through speakers. This is a new PC.

Ran a Cat 5 cable between my router and the PC. Turned off the PC’s WiFi. This didn’t fix the issue, still having a one way audio issue (can’t hear at PC). Also noticed there is a latency issue on both WiFi and the ethernet connections. I’m now thinking the latency issue has something to do with the audio problems??

I too am struggling with the same problem on newly purchased Doorbell Pro (12/28/2019). I am using a Samsung S8 and individuals can hear me from the Doorbell clearly but I can’t hear them. I can hear audio from the stored or recorded “live view” captures but none “live” or after ringing the doorbell for a two-way communication. Voltage is GOOD, Signal Strength is RSSI-54 and clean bill of health from Device Health Report. Everything else appears to be fine EXCEPT Live audio functionality and sometime live doesn’t connect. Frustrating! I am using this device to monitor my elderly mothers home!

App version 3.21.1

Well… worked with support and didn’t get the resolution so I did what I do for a living and troubleshooted the issue. What I found was my routers firewall blocking the procotols and ports used by the Ring device. I disabled my routers firewall through the configuration page (not suggesting that to be done and left that way!) and everything worked perfect. I could hear audio from the doorbell through “Live View”. I could talk to individuals at the door from my cell phone and HEAR what they were saying! Here is where support came in- they provided the link of Ports, Traffice types and Protocols they use! Now I will keep the Firewall enabled and allow the use of these ports through the firewall while staying protected and FUNCTIONING. hope this helps others.

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Added the port forwarded rules to my Linksys router. Still have one way audio issues. Can hear at the Ring door bell, but not at the PC. The weird thing is if you playback the video you can hear the person speaking. So real time one way audio, but during playback you get the audio. Any ideas???

@Phoneguy sorry to hear the port forwarding rules didn’t solve your issue. Glad I checked back because I also wanted to state the second option and what I had to do personally. I was using a older access point with 2.4 GHz signal only and after upgrading to a access point that has the dual- 2.4 and 5 GHz capability, problem solved. The Linksys EA6700 (older model) quickly connected to the RingPro monitoring my elderly mother and I purchased EA7450 for my home use and HAVEN"T looked back since. All is well after connecting to 5GHz signal! Didn’t need the port configuartion.