One of the two batteries not recharging

One of the two batteries in my Ring Spotlight Can Pro is not recharging through the solar panel. The other battery is doing fine. Both batteries, the solar panel, and the camera were installed in July 2023 and have been working great until this week (Dec 15, 2023). How do I get this working correctly?

Hi @Kevatlarge. Can you explain how you have come to this conclusion? What is the battery percentage at? What battery slot is it in? Have you tried switching the batteries in the battery slot?

Hello Tom. I appreciate the response. I only know what I see in the app. One battery appears to be hovering between 84-90% while the other is stuck at 2%. The camera continues to work as it did before. I do need to use a ladder to access the camera so I am hoping you can provide as much information as possible to avoid multiple ladder set ups. Thanks.

By the way it is battery 1 that is stuck at 2%

Hi @Kevatlarge. Thank you for the response. Here’s what I would suggest: Try removing the “good battery” and leaving the low battery in there to see if it charges in either slot. You can take the battery out and charge it to full, then put it back in the camera and see if it is able to maintain the battery level. Use a paint pen of something to label the batteries so they don’t get mixed up. What we’d like to determine is if the battery is bad, or the device isn’t charging in a specific slot.

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Hello Tom - I switched the batteries and here are the results:
Before: battery 1 @ 2%, battery 2 @ 81%
After: battery 1 @ 42%, battery 2 @ 81%

I think it is weird that battery 2 showed 81% both and after since they are different batteries. Both batteries appear to be charging. Perhaps one jiggled loose in the wind? I will update later as I learn more.

Hi @Kevatlarge. That is odd, but thank you for sharing. If possible, try to vacuum in the battery ports to ensure nothing is causing a loose connection. Please keep us updated on the status of this.

Hello Tom - I am still having problems. It does seem that battery slot 1 is not recharging properly. Is this a warranty issue? (Ring Spotlight Cam Pro, Battery, purchased from Amazon on July 5, 2023 - I have the Protect Plan). Thanks.

Hello Tom - Today (1/16/24) I pulled the batteries and did the best I could to vacuum the ports. It is not easy as I am up on a ladder. I will recharge the batteries indoors and replace them by tomorrow. I will follow up a couple after a few days of watching.

Hi @Kevatlarge. Thank you for sharing these updates! I’ll keep an eye out for your follow up.