One of my ring can not working

One of my stick up cam is not responding but my other stick up cam, spotlight cam, and doorbell cam are working well. It send notifications for motion detection but I can’t open it, and live view not working too. Trying to Use Alex for live view and it said not responding. I already reset it but not working. By the way the device is only two months old.

Seems like we are having the same problem, but mine is my spotlight can and it’s only less than a month old. I wonder why we having this problem.

Hi there, neighbors! When you have multiple Ring devices, and only a small number of them are having issues, the best next thing to check is environmental and placement differences. If this Ring device placed further from the router, is separated by multiple interior/ exterior walls, or has large appliances or many appliances between them and the router. Check out our Community post optimizing wifi signal strength for more tips.

Another great step is to power cycle the Camera in question, either by unplugging or removing battery, waiting a moment, and powering back on. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: