One of my Floodlight Lights Stays On...?

I have a Ring Floodlight over my garage.

One of my Floodlight lights stays on after my set timeout time. Mind you, its very dim and I can hardly notice it from the sidewalk, but when I stand under the floodlight and wait for the lights to shut off after not detecting movement (I set mine for 30 seconds), the lights shut off, but one of them stays on, albeit very dim.

I’m hopefully going to see how long this takes after dark, but yesterday a good 15 minutes went by and it was still the same way. Any ideas?

If it’s turning on and off according to your set time but just dim, there could be an issue with the light itself. I’d get a replacement.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear about the symptom. I’ll walk through how I noticed what was happening.

Last night I was walking up my driveway.
The lights turned on as normal. Both equally as bright. I stood under the light long enough to have it time out, and I noticed that one of the lights turned completely off, and the other one didn’t completely shut off, but just got extremely dim. I could barely see that light from the sidewalk it was so dim.

I waited about 15 minutes from the last timeout, and that single light didn’t completely shut off. I had to get inside and get ready for work.

Is this normal?

Hey @cadistefano! The lights should certainly time out per the settings and shut off completely once the time limit has been reached. Please ensure there is not a dimmer switch in the same circuit controlling this particular Floodlight Cam. If this concern persists, I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more in-depth troubleshooting.

It’s possible that you are experiencing capacitive/inductive coupling. Does the light circuit have more than one switch? Are there wires coiled behind the light where it is mounted?