One floodlight stays on at low during day and both light up full at night and stay on

During day one of floodlights stays on but not bright. The low beam light is on even though the app says the floodlights are off. If I then during day turn on lights both lights go on bright. At night both lights come on bright and stay on until I turn them off. If I walk near the motion sensor when lights are off the floodlights then go on and stay on until I shut them off on my phone app. After I shut the lights off at night on app sometimes they come back on themselves. I have tried shutting off and turning on power. I have gone to device health and tried to reboot but it does not seem to reboot-nothing happens and the camera does not go off for a few moments. I have even tried reinstalling camera- nothing works. The one floodlight stays on a low beam all day and uses electric. It must be some sort of short. Should I just disconnect the one floodlight and work with just one floodlight?

Hi @user75964. Do you have a Light Schedule active for the camera? Was this Floodlight Cam professionally installed by an electrician? The light should not be on all day. The lights will only activate by motion at night, unless on a Light Schedule. If only one of the lights is staying on, it could be faulty wiring. If the above information does not apply, please follow up with our support team. You can also get in touch by sending a private message @Ring on Facebook or Twitter.