One email address account, two locations with two set up possible?

I currently have ring alarm set up for my home address and would like to add another alarm set up for my business address, addresses are different. Can I simply add devices with different location and name it business to my current account which has home alarm set up so I can login to one account and check both? Also what happens to the plan? My home has 1st gen Protect Plus Plan paid 1yr already. The Business needs professional monitoring service. Do I sign up separate plan or can I use the same plan under? Don’t mind paying another plan since it’s different location I understand, want to know if this is possible and if it is how. Thank you

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Short answer, Yes! :slight_smile:

The Ring app is capable of housing hundreds of Ring devices and up to 10 locations at once. The Alarm setup and registration process will walk you through location and use case details, in which the addresses being different from one another is a requirement you are already meeting.

As for the Protect Plan, these are applied per location which means each location will need it’s own dedicated Protect Plan subscription. Here’s a great resource for more Alarm tips and tricks for your business.

I have just tried this and Yes the Ring side works great as it always has with different LOCATIONS, however the Eero side will not allow me to setup a new LOCATION.

From what I have found so far is Eero is only good for 1 LOCATION. I hope this gets fixed as it is a deal breaker for those of us with multiple locations.