On French door do you need 2 context sensors?

We have French doors on back of house. However you have to first open one door, and the. To open the other you have to slide a little lever to unlock the other.

So do you think I need another contact sensor on that door that doesn’t initially open? I have one on the door that you open first, which has the key lock on.

The only reason I can think of for needing a second sensor would be if you wanted to track when it was opened and closed. Now keep in mind, the second door could be left open and the first one closed. Which, if Ring had some decent tools, would make for a great reminder that one door is still open. But since Ring doesn’t have that feature, that’s out the door (see what I did there?).

That wouldn’t work anyway in my scenario, as you have to open first door, to access the second door. You can’t open the second door without opening the first. It sort of overlaps if know what mean.

So I’ll just stick with one then I think.