Old door sensor magnets

I’m changing over to a Ring security alarm system from an old system from Protect America. Is it possible that I could reuse the old door sensor magnets that I have currently in place instead of changing? Because I do not think the one that’s provided by Ring will fit my door frame (To Big). I’m talking about the magnet not the sensor itself. Your help is greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Ring makes a “retrofit” bridge that allows connection of your existing wired magnetic sensors. The bridge does not replace the Ring Alarm base station, but it will allow your wired sensors to work alongside wireless ring sensors you might want to add later.


My old set up is wireless not wired. All I need to do is use the magnet not the old sensor. Here’s a picture of what my issue is. As you notice in the picture I have a deep well door facing. I just want to be able to use the old magnet from the old set up, not the sensor.

Attention customer service! I need some help here!

Does anyone have any ideas if this will work or not? Getting this question answered depends on whether or not I will be able buy a Ring alarm security system.

Old magnets should work. I used some of mine. I tested there use by putting the Ring Sensor up where the magnet is in a location that i desired and then moved the sensor away from the magnet to see if the system detected an opening. If it was detected, that is where i installed the sensor. If not reposition the sensor and try again. I also used thin stickon neodymium bar magnets on double hung windows, where the magnet is stuck to the glass of the upper window and the sensor is stuck to the bottom window casing. That way sensor works no matter which pane is opened. Hope this helps.

@Bama1fan - I recently installed a new Ring Alarm to replace an ancient ADT wireless system. I have one door contact with only about 5mm clearance in which to mount a magnet because of a deeply recessed door frame, so the standard magnet is way way too big.

I noticed that on their site Ring sells a “slim magnet” for $5, so I ordered one of those, so that’s one option for you.

However in the end I installed the new Ring contact sensor (main part, with the electronics) on the door but kept my existing old magnet which was partially embedded in the door frame. Before mounting permanently I tested that the old magnet was strong enough/close enough to the recommended sensing point and could properly detect open & close conditions for that sensor. In my case, no problems using the old magnet, which is quite a strong magnet and very close to the sensor when the door is closed.

Thank you very much for that information. I will try it out and see if it works. And if it don’t I will order the smaller magnets from the Ring website, no big deal. ?

you’re welcome, I’m glad I could help.

btw, I just noticed you posted a photo above showing your existing door sensor and magnet. That’s pretty well identical to what the clearance looks like on my door where I re-used the old magnet. I have the identical sort of deep door frame. I think you should have no problem using the old magnet with the new Ring sensor.

When you’re mounting the new sensor, you can take a look at where the standard Ring magnet (ie actual magnet inside its plastic housing) lines up with the alignment mark on the sensor body, and just make sure you mount the sensor so that the old magnet is positioned accordingly. Actually if you open the contact sensor body and take a close look, you can see the magnetic reed switch - that’s the thing that needs to be in close proximity to the magnet.