old app two step authentication

I have an Android 4 tablet that is part of the air conditioning and really expensive to updgrade… trying to get the ring app on it. Have installed an old ring v2 app ok, but it will not let me log on - I think because 2-step auth is mandated and maybe this old app cannot deal with it… any way around this? can 2-step be temporarily turned off to allow me to log on? thx

Sadly you will need a minimum of Android OS 5.0 to use the Ring app. There is no way to turn off the 2FA as well. There are plenty of used devices that won’t cost much that run 5.0 and higher. You can also use windows or mac if needed.

Thanks, can anyione recall, once ring implemented 2FA - did the ring app need to be updated also?

It was not part of an app update. It was turned on with your account. It started Feb of this year. Just like posting here. It’s needed and there is no way around it or a way to turn it off.